Vivo Mounts uks largest LCD TV wall mount supplier
Vivo Mounts uks largest LCD TV wall mount supplier
Vivo Mounts uks largest LCD TV wall mount supplier
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How to Mount a Plasma or LCD TV on a Wall



Most people just put their plasma TV on a stand on a table or other furniture. But what fun is that? One of the cool things about having a TV that's only 4 inches deep is the ability to mount it right on the wall!


  1. Purchase a wall mount from a reputable plasma TV dealer, and ensure that it fits your TV. try, they have a great range of universal mounts to fit all makes and models of LCD PLASMA Tv's from 12" up to 63" and also offer a fitting service.
  2. Locate the wall studs in the wall you wish to hang the TV on. It is critical that the screws holding the TV to the wall are screwed into the solid wood of a stud, not just into the wallboard. The best way to find a stud is with a stud finder, which is available in our on line store, click here to purchase this.
  3. You should also ensure that the mount is completely straight when mounting on the wall, the last thing you want is your plasma / lcd tv to be mounted at an angle ! We recommend using a spirit level, this is available here.
  4. When you find a stud, mark it in pencil on the wall. Measure the vertical distance between the screw holes on the mount. After deciding how high to mount the TV, mark in pencil where you will place each screw.
  5. Double check that it will be level by measuring the distance from the floor up to each screw hole you have marked. It is crucial that you mount it level. It will be hard to fix after the fact if you do it poorly, so please measure twice.
  6. Use big screws. Try #14 x 1.5 inch screws. For #14 screws, drill a pilot hole 13/64" wide first.
  7. Attach the mount with the screws. Double check to ensure that it is level.
  8. Drill or cut a hole behind the TV to run the wires into the wall, as wall mounted TVs look best if the wiring is completely hidden. Make another hole where you want them to come out. Once your holes are made, fish the cables through the wall.
  9. Hang the TV on the mount. Usually, this involves attaching rubber/plastic mounts to the back of the TV, placing them through holes in the mount, and letting it settle into place.
  10. Double check the stability of the TV, and ensure that it is firmly in place.
  11. Connect your wiring and enjoy your TV.



  • Don't mount it too high. It's tempting to mount it at picture height, but most people would find it more relaxing to watch if the centre was around 40-45 inches off the floor.
  • In new houses, studs are generally placed 16 inches apart. So if you find one, you can look for one that far away.
  • Often, power outlets are placed adjacent to a stud, so look for a stud there.
  • If you're running cables in the wall, buy quality cables that will prevent interference from power wires and other wiring in the walls. Once you get this mounted, you don't want to find out that you have a problem.
  • "Future Proof" your installation by including a DVI/HDMI cable (or at least component cables) through the wall, even if you are not using them today. If you just run S-Video or Composite cables, there is a big chance you'll want to upgrade later. For the cost of an extra �20 cable, just put it in the wall while you have it open. You can purchase this from our on line stote.


  • After hanging the mount (before you place the TV on it), pull on it as hard as you can to make sure it is absolutely firmly in place.
  • The biggest concern mounting on the wall is wiring in the wall. It's hard to be sure, but be careful not to drill or screw into any wiring.

Still not sure you want to do it ?

If you're still not confident that you're up to installing your Plasma / LCD TV then why not contact our authorised installer who can fit this for you professionally and quickly and leave the worrying to them !

Vivomounts Authorised Dealer and Installer

HD Electronics  
Telephone: 020 8969 9662
(9:30am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday)
Address: 228 Kilburn Lane
W10 4BA
If you would like to be added to our database of authorised dealers and installers please contact us directly on and we'll provide you with the relevant training and add you to our database.


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